Welcome to Ramlila Comittee, P.U Block, Pitam Pura

Respected visitors ! firstly we welcome you to our authorized website. After this we would like to share our thoughts and concepts with you. Today after 20 years of hard work and worship for God Rama, "Ramlila Committee Pitam Pura" has reached its target/goal. It was like a dream for us to be on this place, where we are today. But because of God Rama's true worship and prayers we are able to meet our dreams.

Our mission is to present beautiful and graceful manchan of Shri Ramlila so as to make our new generation aware and knowledgeable about our sanskriti and religion. How an ideal Man like shri Ram and ideal woman like Maa sita should be. Second major thought behind this sanstha/organization is to help the needful in best ways possible. We try to arrange marriages of poor, who are unable to do so and strech our hands to help the people sufferring through natural calamities.